Upcoming Fine Press Books

The following is a list of titles that have been announced for order in 2022 or beyond, sorted by publisher:

Arete Editions

Arete Editions is a partnership between film maker and writier Marcelo Anciano and letterpress printer Phil Abel of Hand and Eye Letterpress.

The Case of Death and Honey by Neil Gaiman

The Case of Death and Honey by Neil Gaiman Lettered Edition by Arete Editions.

Arete Editions’ edition of Neil Gaiman’s The Case of Death and Honey is illustrated with forty line drawings by Gary Gianni. There will be three versions, all of which are already sold out and are expected to ship in March 2022. Details of each edition are below:

The Artist’s Edition will be printed on hand made paper and Bradel bound in off-white goatskin with a red leather spine by Richard Tong at Ludlow Bookbinders. Each copy will have an original pen and ink drawing bound into the front board. It will be housed in a solander box that will also include a portfolio of prints, a new introduction by Neil Gaiman separately bound and a copy of our new printing of The Adventure of the Creeping Man, the Conan Doyle story that inspired The Case of Death and Honey. It will be signed by author and artist and the twenty six copies available for purchase will be lettered.

The Numbered Edition will be printed on Zerkall mould paper and full bound in off-white goatskin by Richard Tong at Ludlow Bookbinders. It will be housed in a slip case, signed by author and artist and the 250 copies available for purchase will be numbered.

The Fine Edition will be printed on Mohawk Superfine paper and full bound in red book cloth by Green Street Bindery. We will also have available copies of The Adventure of the Creeping Man bound to match. There will be 500 numbered copies of both for sale, all signed by the artist.

Words of Fire by Neil Gaiman

A collection of poetry by Neil Gaiman is in development, inspired by the small limited edition of Crow poems titled Crow Awakes by Ted Hughes. There will be three editions which at the moment will be:

  • Quarter clothbound in a slip-case with a colour plate by Bill Sienkiewicz.
  • Another very small edition, will be similar but will have a quarter leather binding.
  • A roman numeral edition will have each poem printed as broadsheets on handmade paper with a limited edition five-colour silkscreen print printed by Jealous Print Studio and signed by Bill Sienkiewicz, all enclosed in a cool portfolio that looks like a book.

All the editions will be signed by Neil Gaiman and more information will be available in the coming months.

Frozen Hell by John W. Campbell

Also published as a novella titled “The Thing from Another World” and “Who Goes There?”, John W. Campbell’s Frozen Hell is the extended novel version of this classic science fiction horror. The newly found novel-length manuscript was discovered in 2019 and will feature sixteen oil paintings by Greg Manchess, from single page to four-page foldouts, and loads of black and white illustrations and decorations. Phil and Marcelo further share:

The bindings are pushing the boundaries for Richard Tong. As we did with Death and Honey, we want to make a really special edition. We like a book which has a slipcase/box which sets a reader up for the story they are about to read, and we want the cover to introduce the reader to the way we set out the story. The binding of the large, double- and four-page painting foldouts will be raised above the gutter so that the plates lie flat; it will be an extraordinary book.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Not much to share apart from it being a “very special edition”.

Lud-in-the-Mist by Hope Mirrlees

Phil and Marcelo cite this as being both a fan favourite and their personal favourites, but no details as yet.

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Arion Press

Woolgathering by Patti Smith

Arion Press’ upcoming edition of Patti Smith’s memoir will be a collaboration between the National Book Award winner and musician and visual artist Christian Marclay.

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Barbarian Press

It is, perhaps, a good idea to begin a discussion about forthcoming books from the incomparable Barbarian Press with their very own note about timing:

We are aware, as probably you are too, that this section on forthcoming books is always written with a certain determined wistfulness. Making books as we do, almost entirely by hand, and often with substantial texts, is an occupation haunted by haps and mishaps. While the books announced as under way are indeed in process, and will be finished, we have learned that projected dates are endlessly flexible – not because we wish them to be, but because those metaphysical bureaucrats, the Fates, become increasingly jocular as we get older. So we ask your patience, and invite your trust. The books will emerge. This, together with death and taxes, is sure.

Sudden Immobility by Molly Holden

The newest book from Barbarian Press is Sudden Immobility – Selected Poems of Molly Holden with Engravings by Andy English. Copies are en route to subscribers.

From the Barbarian Press website:

In 1961 Holden was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and over the next twenty years, as her disability increased, so her poetry deepened and clarified. What Robert Frost said of Edward Thomas, ‘His poetry is so very brave, so unconsciously brave’, applies at least as much to her. Rather in the way that the metaphorical structures of Emily Dickinson’s poems grew out of her intense attention to the limited spaces of her house and garden, Molly Holden’s work focuses on the everyday matters of her life, her view from a window, her memories of living in a wider world. Her perceptions are focused and sharpened by what she called the ‘sudden immobility’ which had become her daily life. In her poem ‘Illness’, she says:

“Poetic justice is imperfectly exemplified in me
who, as a child, as a girl, was persuaded that
I felt as earth feels, the furrows in my flesh,

buttercups curdling from my shoulder blades,
was what I saw. The rain would fall as pertinent on me
as on the lichens on the flint-embedded wall.

I had always a skin too few . . .”

It is published in two states:

Deluxe: 72 copies, with 62 copies for sale & 10 copies hors commerce. Crown Quarto: 10½ by 7½ inches [267 by 190mm]. Hand-set in Joanna with Nicholas Parry’s Tiern for display in a variety of colours and black on Zerkall White Wove, with 24 engravings printed from the wood. Bound in half morocco with a skived leather spine label and patterned paper over boards. Slipcased with an accompanying portfolio containing a suite of ten of the engravings from the book. C$1,250.00 OUT OF PRINT

Standard: 53 copies, of which 43 are for sale and 10 hors commerce. Half cloth with a printed paper label and patterned paper, slipcased.
PRICE: C$950.00 – very few copies remaining.

Bordering on the Sublime: Ornamental Typography at the Curwen Press by David Jury and Crispin Elsted

Barbarian Press Bordering on the Sublime two-colour formes with proof

From Barbarian Press:

Through great good fortune and the generosity of many of our subscribers, in the spring of 2009 we were enabled to acquire the Curwen Press archives of Monotype ornaments & borders, comprising hundreds of pounds of new flowers in case and in packets from the foundry, with scores of composed borders which, once printed, had been tied up, wrapped, & stored for future use.

Bordering on the Sublime: Ornamental Typography at the Curwen Press is now well under way, with David Jury’s section substantially set. The first complete gathering, comprising the Introduction and first chapter of David Jury’s section of the text, ‘Harold Curwen: Old Style Modernist’, has long been printed and stored – although the printing was delayed because of Jan’s injury to her foot, which prevented her printing at all for some months. (Jokes about operating a press with the feet will be greeted with mild condescension.) Crispin has set the second chapter, and is now (September 2021) setting the third and last as the presswork continues. He is also continuing to research and write the second part of the text, a survey of the history of typographical ornaments, and a discussion of their aesthetics and use at the Curwen Press. And of course, there are several appendices to be written and arranged.

In addition, we have realized – fortunately in plenty of time – that a book as complex and full of detail as Bordering on the Sublime will have to have an index, so Crispin is now planning for that as the book progresses.

Bordering on the Sublime: Ornamental Typography at the Curwen Press will be issued in three states. Our present estimations of the three states of the book are as follows:

  • A. Probably 60 copies. Full stamped leather, with many borders accompanying the text, some folding out, with a photographic essay showing marked-up proofs, some of the formes made up for printing, details of the printing process, historical photographs, and other Curwen work. Accompanied by a portfolio containing all the oversized borders, possibly recreations of some Curwen borders not present in type, new borders created for this book, plus one original Curwen proof. Approximately 250 pages. Boxed. PRICE: Approximately C$4,800, SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
  • B. About 40 copies. As above, but quarter leather with decorated paper, with a portfolio containing a selection of the oversized proofs, but without the original borders & Curwen proof. Slipcased. PRICE: Approximately C$3,500, SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
  • C. Up to 50 copies. Book as in B, but quarter cloth binding. Slipcased. PRICE: Approximately C$2,400, SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Estimated publication date of early 2023.

Ten Poems with One Title by Robert Bringhurst

From Robert Bringhurst, the Canadian author, poet and typographer, comes a new edition from the Barbarian Press:

We have known Robert for nearly fifty years, and although we have published two of his translations as broadsheets (from Greek and Chinese, respectively) in Albion Broadsheets (1981) and Under Strange Sail (2007), and two of his essays in Hoi Barbaroi (2004) and as a separate pamphlet, And, much more, not ourselves: The Work of Jan and Crispin Elsted (2005), we have only published one of his books. That was the first of his excursions into writing for voices, The Blue Roofs of Japan (1986), so after thirty-five years it seems high time for another book. This sequence is a strong, measured meditation on language, its sources and progeny – both intellectual and spiritual – and their relation to nature and thought. It is a calm, compelling group of poems, and we are deeply pleased to be able to publish it. Ten Poems with One Title will appear in early 2022.

Pastoral Elegies by Thomas Gray & Oliver Goldsmith

From Barbarian Press:

The third book of the ‘Curwen companions’ we anticipate will be published later in 2022. Pastoral Elegies will comprise two of the great poems of 18th century England: Thomas Gray’s ‘Elegy in a Country Churchyard’ and Oliver Goldsmith’s ‘The Deserted Village.’ This is a pair of poems we have long wanted to publish as a continuation of our ongoing project to re-introduce great poems from the canon in beautifully illustrated editions. These have so far included Shakespeare (twice), Keats (twice), Spenser, Clare, and Clough – and (why not?) the Reverend R. H. Barham (a.k.a. Thomas Ingoldsby). Gray and Goldsmith are the first from the Augustan mob – although Gray might well be seen as a proto-Romantic – and we have future plans for more Clare, and possibly Tennyson, who is far more condescended to these days than read.

These two poems of course beg for engravings to illustrate them, and we are very happy to have engaged Christopher Wormell to provide them. His work as an engraver is widely known, though perhaps not always recognized as his. Among other things, the new design for the arms of the Royal Opera House is his, and he has provided jacket illustrations for many Penguin Books, including some for Philip Pullman’s novels. Visitors to Hampton Court will have seen his engravings marking the kitchens, wine cellars, and other areas, while supporters of Aston Villa F. C. will have toasted his version of the team’s Lion. More to the present point, he has illustrated several books from the Folio Society, notably Gilbert White’s Natural History of Selborne. It was this last, in fact, which inspired us to ask him to illustrate Pastoral Elegies.

Ovid – Englished by Arthur Golding

From Barbarian Press:

And of course – beyond all these there looms, tantalizingly, our planned edition of Ovid’s Metamorphoses in the 1567 ‘Englishing’ of Arthur Golding, with engravings by Peter Lazarov, about which we – and Peter – are very excited. This will be another major work in at least two volumes. The text is fascinating, written in high style in ‘fourteeners’, a favourite largely pre-Shakespearean meter. As fourteeners are difficult for a modern reader to sound out without galumphing, we intend gathering a group of professional actors to record several of the best known stories from the Metamorphoses in Golding’s version, probably including Daphne and Apollo, Echo and Narcissus, Pyramus and Thisbe(!), Actaeon and Artemis, and one or two others. We imagine this will inspire readers of the book to read the poem for themselves with greater ease and subtlety.

We have had several conversations already with Peter Lazarov about the illustrations, and anticipate extraordinary results.

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Books Illustrated

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus is illustrated by Anne Yvonne Gilbert, letterpress printed by Nomad Letterpress and hand bound by Ludlow Bookbinders. All 580 copies are printed with metal type, feature 21 illustrations and are signed by both the author and illustrator.

Preorders are open and the books are expected to ship in November 2022.

Edition details:

  • 26 Prestige Lettered editions bound in full vellum with black, red and gold embossing; printed on Mohawk 148 gsm paper; real gold on three papers edges; 21 tipped in illustrations; hand-marbled endpapers; and housed in a solander box.
  • 250 Deluxe editions bound in Nigerian goatskin leather; white, red and silver embossing; printed on Munken 120gsm paper; silvered on three paper edges; tipped in frontispiece; and housed in a plush slipcase.
  • 304 Collectors editions bound in black cloth; white red and silver embossing; printed on Munken 120gsm paper; and housed in a plush slipcase.

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Foolscap Press

Brief Loves That Live Forever by Andreï Makine

From Foolscap Press there’s an upcoming edition of Brief Loves That Live Forever by Andreï Makine. Not much information at present, but will update when we know more.

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Hand and Eye Press

A Far Away Country by Ruth Boswell

Hand and Eye Letterpress has an upcoming edition of A Far Away Country. Written by Ruth Boswell, his mother, it is set in 1938-9 and tells the story of the impact of Nazism on a family in Czechoslovakia. It is based on her own experience as a child backed up with meticulous historical research. This drawing for it is by Angela Barrett, who also illustrated The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and A Christmas Carol for Hand & Eye.

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Lyra’s Classics

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

The first title from Lyra’s Books Classics line is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Some of these titles have rights attached and it’s worth reading the FAQ to better understand how it all works. Expected to ship some time in 2022.

Details on the edition:

‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ was Wilde’s only novel. It was first published in Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine in 1890, and heavily censored for fear of it being indecent. Although over 500 words were cut, the story still managed to offend British book reviewers and was released to some scandal. Wilde aggressively defended his work and later wrote a preface to the longer 1891 novel, defending the role of the artist and addressing the earlier criticisms. This preface is included in our edition.

This edition is the full twenty chapters from 1891 and contains an exclusive foreword written by Oscar Wilde’s only grandchild, Merlin Holland. Merlin has extensively studied and researched his grandfather’s life and is the author of several books on the subject. Merlin is an honorary patron of The Oscar Wilde Society.

Our version contains newly commissioned paintings by the award-winning artist Gregory Manchess. Greg is widely respected in his field and is the recipient of the Society of Illustrators highest honour: the coveted Hamilton King Award.

All books are letterpress printed and hand-bound, using the finest materials available.

Edition details:

  • 250 Numbered: printed on 150gsm Zerkall Smooth mould-made paper via letterpress in black ink throughout, with two colours on the title, half-title and signature pages; half-bound in finest, hand polished goatskin; hand marbled sides; tipped in plates with tissue guards, page edges gilded, silk marker ribbon; housed in a curved edge slipcase with goatskin ends; and signed by artist Gregory Manchess.
  • 26 Lettered: printed on 160gsm Magnani Pescia 100% cotton mould-made paper via letterpress in black ink throughout, with two colours on the title, half title and signature pages; fully bound in finest, hand polished, black goatskin; tipped in plates with tissue guards, page edges gilded, silk marker ribbon; housed in a half leather solander box with original artwork; and signed by artist Gregory Manchess and foreword contributor Merlin Holland.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Lyra’s Books posted a preview of artwork from an upcoming edition which was quickly confirmed to be Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Said to be “lavishly, uniquely illustrated”, it is expected to ship before Christmas 2022.

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Lyra’s Books

Not yet Revealed

The long-awaited followup to Lyra’s Books’ Stardust has not be announced, but we should expect to hear something soon.

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Mad Parrot Press

The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster

Mad Parrot Press has been working on an edition of The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster for a number of years and production is in progress. Marc Castelli, who illustrated the highly regarded Heart of Darkness under Chad’s previous Chester River Press imprint, may be providing the illustrations.

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Nawakum Press

A Descent into the Maelstrom by Edgar Allen Poe

Nawakum Press is working on an edition of Edgar Allen Poe’s A Descent into the Maelstrom. Not much is known at the moment but it is expected to ship in 2022. Some info they shared about the short story:

In 1841 Edgar Allan Poe, the architect of the modern short story, wrote ‘A Descent into the Maelstrom.’ Poe considered it one of his best tales. It draws its inspiration from the raging waters that surround the desolate Lofoten Island archipeligo in the North Sea, off the Norwegian coast. Three fisherman, who are brothers, are caught in a windstorm and pulled into the swirling tumult that creates one of the largest whirlpools, or maelstroms, in the world. Poe had learned about this deadly sea phenomena from several sources, which included an account in Fraser’s Magazine in 1834 titled ‘The Maelstrom: A Fragment’. The narrator of Poe’s tale is a fisherman who tells the tale of how he and his two brothers were caught in the maelstrom, and how his brothers were sucked under into the abyss and perished, while he alone managed to survive.

Unknown Work by Hermann Hesse

Nawakum Press has also shared that they’re working on “a new translation of a Hermann Hesse fable about a young man in ancient China who leaves his village to follow a master poet living in the mountains.”

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No Reply Press

No Reply Press plans to publish six editions in 2022, consisting of big books with small limitations (e.g. 150 pages and 50 copies), and small books with big limitations (e.g. 40 pages and 600 copies). Details are below:

Magnum Opus

We hope that our twenty-second edition, published in 2022, will prove to be the press’ magnum opus for some time. We are working again with a towering critic, who is contributing a definitive reflection and work of groundbreaking scholarship to the twentieth century’s most important poem. This will also be our most finely crafted edition, with handmade paper printed damp and de luxe bindings for each copy. We are currently collecting institutional subscriptions — the edition, it seems, will be held by some of the world’s leading collections — while letterpress prospectus booklets will be sent out to private collectors in February, in advance of a public announcement in April (the cruellest month). ¶ Estimated 150 pages, and 122 copies.

A masterpiece of Russian Literature

A masterpiece of Russian literature, newly translated, with original artwork, and never before published in a fine press edition. We’ve been working on this project throughout 2021, and look forward to announcing it in late January 2022. This will be the press’ first novella. ¶ Estimated 150 pages, and only 50 copies.

A grand work of philosophy

A grand work of philosophy, never before published in a fine press edition. For it, we’ve commissioned striking artwork. We expect this will prove one of the more experimental, and perhaps controversial, fine press editions in recent years. ¶ Estimated 200 pages, and only 50 copies.

For the other books: “In keeping with our mission of making private press work accessible, we will announce on Kickstarter a trio of science fiction masterpieces, each with an original artistic or editorial contribution. All three stories are work of speculative fiction, which dabble with big ideas. Together, they will form a set.”

SF Masterpiece 1 – Ursula K. Le Guin

Our favorite story by Ursula K. Le Guin, Portland’s great(est) writer. Her work will be illustrated by Clive Knights, one of Portland’s most celebrated artists.

SF Masterpiece 2 – Isaac Asimov

Our favorite story by Isaac Asimov, the father of hard science fiction and author of the Hugo Award’s best series of all-time. Despite its dwelling on weighty subjects, his work is sometimes dismissed as unserious. So, we have paired the story with prints by Rockwell Kent and employed sweeping typography in an attempt to lend Asimov’s ideas their proper gravity.

SF Masterpiece 3 – Jack Vance

Our favorite story by Jack Vance, a pioneer of experimental science fiction, whose work often blended genres or created genres unto themselves. His work has been illustrated by Karol Pomykała, whose space-and-time-bending linocuts are the only work we have seen which could properly illustrate Vance’s vast experiments.

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St. James Park Press

St. James Park Press has a few editions in the works and planned. Most is known of Nineteen Eighty-Four, but James has shared some early information on others.

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

Work on their edition of Nineteen Eighty-Four. The edition is printed on white 120gsm Zerkall ohne-Silurian mould-made paper, across c.350 pages, each measuring 350mm x 245mm (c.14 x 10 inches). In addition, there are twenty-four sewn-in hand-made papers, on which the illustrations will be printed. 

The edition is limited to 60 individually numbered copies, with no possibility for more to be printed. [Eight of these will be set aside for a special edition].

Animal Farm by George Orwell

A smaller sized edition with colour illustrations by a single artist. The size of a Penguin paperback. [edited to add: 111mm x 181mm or 4.4in x 7.1in]

The Beauty of Byrne

An homage to Byrne’s edition of Euclid, focusing on the colour illustrations, printed on handmade paper. This will be a very “pretty” book, with lots of multi-colour printing.

Robin Hood

Continuing my Hercules/King Arthur theme of myths and legends. Wood engravings.

Miniature Matilda

Possible a Miniature Matilda. The Roald Dahl Estate have given an interim confirmation for this. Literally a miniature book.

An Albion in the Attic Facsimile

James mentions on his website that a limited facsimile edition is in production and will be announced soon.

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The Salvage Press

Haiku na Feirme by John FitzGerald

Expected sometime in early 2022, The Salvage Press continues work on Haiku na Feirme by John FitzGerald.

Ireland’s rural landscape is both subject and setting in this new sequence of twenty haikus by John FitzGerald (Darklight, 2018). The traditional Japanese haiku’s observance of nature is adapted to a new Hibernian hybrid which fuses perception with experience to create distinct occasions of meaning and sound. Taking his inspiration from the land and its plant, animal and human inhabitants, these poems are offered as verbal exclamations, short instances of lived and felt experience which follow the seasons and celebrate the richness and diversity of life on the land. Jamie Murphy has produced six abstract woodblock prints which act as pauses in the text. These visual interventions are inspired by the poet’s immediate landscape and printed from 300 year old Irish oak which fell there some years ago.

The launch price is €1250 (deluxe) and €550 (standard), with a small number of both standard and deluxe copies available now at a pre-publication discount of 20% (€1000 / €440).