New Folio Society Limited Edition – Japan

The Folio Society recently announced a new Limited Edition, titled ‘Japan’ that’s due to arrive in May. From the website:

Japan is one of the most opulent photographic books ever produced. Over 250 hand-coloured photographs show buildings and landscapes – Mount Fuji seen from Kashiwabara, cherry blossoms at Koganei, temples, bamboo groves, rice fields and bridges – as well as Japan’s inhabitants, including street vendors, calligraphers, lantern-makers, farmers, schoolchildren, geishas and Buddhist monks. There is even a picture of an actor representing a samurai warrior. For curious Westerners, who were already captivated by Japan’s art, turning these pages was the next best thing to visiting this mysterious and fascinating country. Japan was often referred to as a ‘sealed book’: now, for the first time, the book was being opened.

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