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Deep Wood Press announces projects for 2018

Over on the Deep Wood Press blog, Chad Pastotnik has announced some of the projects that he’s working on for 2018.

It includes a very limited run, set at 30 copies, of his edition of Franz Kafka’s In The Penal Colony, translated by Breon Mitchell with six etchings by Dellas Henke. The book is large a format 10×13 inch (25×33 cm) page size with the text being composed in Janson and printed on Somerset Book White, 175gsm. The intaglio illustrations are “bled print” to the edges. 40 pages.

He’s also continuing work on his long-in-progress edition of Kafka’s The Hunter Gracchus, which you would have first read about back in this blog post from back in 2015. It’s being completed redesigned into a larger format.

Mad Parrot Press (formerly Chester River Press), his partnership with James Dissette, also has plans to bring E.M. Forsters’ science fiction story The Machine Stops to print, along with an edition of the Kenneth Grahame’s classic Wind in the Willows, which will be illustrated by the brilliant linoleum cuts of Vladimir Zimakov. Very exciting news on both fronts!


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