Stephen King’s The Eyes of the Dragon Print, Suntup Press

Suntup Press, publishers of the upcoming limited edition of Stephen King’s Misery, have an ongoing collection of fine press art prints of the covers of King’s books, titled The Covers Collection. They work directly with the artists of the first trade edition to showcase the cover artwork in the way it was truly intended to be viewed – big, bold and on the highest quality paper.

The first covers to launch the Collection were The Shining by Dave Christensen, Pet Sematary by Linda Fennimore and Misery by Bob Giusti. See more in the video below:

You can learn more on The Covers Collection page on their site, and sign up to be a subscriber where you’ll receive all the prints with matching numbers at 20% off, or purchase your favourite individual prints.

Today we have pictures of the Eyes of the Dragon cover by David Palladini in the small size at 17″ by 12.5″.

  • Museum-quality giclée print.
  • Signed and authorized by the original cover artist.
  • Limited to only 50 copies of each size worldwide, plus 5 Artist Proofs and 5 Publisher Proofs for private distribution.
  • Shipped with a Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity from the publisher.
  • Printed on 300 GSM, 100% cotton paper that is acid-free, lignin-free, chlorine-free and with no optical brighteners.
  • Prints are embossed with the publisher’s mark.

Though we try our best, sometimes pictures just can’t do the actual product justice, and that’s the case here. The colours are vibrant, the lines are sharp and the paper is thick with an amazing texture that you just have to feel.

The Eyes of the Dragon is one of my favourite King novels and it’s an honour to have this print as part of my collection.

stephen-king-eyes-dragon-suntup-press-1 stephen-king-eyes-dragon-suntup-press-2 stephen-king-eyes-dragon-suntup-press-3 stephen-king-eyes-dragon-suntup-press-4 stephen-king-eyes-dragon-suntup-press-5 stephen-king-eyes-dragon-suntup-press-6 stephen-king-eyes-dragon-suntup-press-7 stephen-king-eyes-dragon-suntup-press-8 stephen-king-eyes-dragon-suntup-press-9 stephen-king-eyes-dragon-suntup-press-10

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