A Death Greatly Exaggerated: Canada’s Thriving Small and Fine Press

I only learned recently that The University of Toronto Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library almost always has an exhibition going on and the current one’s especially interesting to me as they’re featuring a number of fine presses in Canada. It’s called A Death Greatly Exaggerated: Canada’s Thriving Small and Fine Press and here’s some more information:

The last decade, in fact, has been a particularly flourishing period for this country’s major – and minor – fine book makers. This exhibition explores some of the finest examples of the book-making craft since the year 2000, along with a quick nod of the small press’s past.  It draws upon the Fisher Library’s rich and extensive small and fine press holdings, and features examples from publishers spanning the entire country: from Mission, BC’s Barbarian Press to Gaspereau Press in Kentville, Nova Scotia. It highlights the “veterans” of the small press scene, including The Aliquando Press and Porcupine’s Quill, as well as artist books and illustrated works from some of this country’s leading practitioners of the book arts.

Here’s an introduction to the collection from Fisher Librarian and curator John Shoesmith:

They actually extended the exhibition by one week to coincide with the Small Press Fair on Saturday, which I’ll also be attending.

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